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Why is the “Cheap Guy” the cheap guy?

A chronic theme that I encounter in the building industry is stories from people who repeat the usual list of complaints about the guy who built or remodeled their home.  They will complain about the shoddy workmanship, the lack of communication,

Year End Opportunity

Have you put off shingling the roof trying to stretch another year out of it? Are you finally tired of that bath with a couple of loose tiles in the shower?   2011 is almost over and that means that our promo with GE Capital is about to end.  There is still a little time… but very […]

Musty Odors?

A musty smell in the house is a sure sign that a mold is present in a growing state. If you have allergies

Homeowners Spring Checklist

Wash windows and window screens Test smoke and CO detectors and change batteries. Exterior House Check-up Inspect the roof for damage from winter cold and ice, missing or

Murphy Bros. Visits Marvin Windows

I find plant tours fascinating.  Over the past 20 years, I have seen millwork, steel fabrication and a window manufacturing and visited several case goods (furniture) and upholstery plants as well throughout MN, WI and NC.  Technology is changing by the day and it is amazing how science really partners up with craftsmanship and ingenuity […]





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