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Accessible design boosts comfort, safety, and resale appeal

You don’t have to be disabled to appreciate the benefits of universal design and aging in place features in your next remodeling project. Whether you want to adapt your home for retirement or just make it more welcoming for visiting parents, Murphy Bros. can help.  We are committed to making a real difference in your […]

Thoughts on Remodeling your Home… Now, Later or Never?

Early in 2011 we were interviewed by a couple who was looking for someone to design and build an entryway addition on their home.  At our first meeting, I had explained to him that the home finance world had changed substantially in the last few years so that needed to be a forefront part of […]


We just received information that the MHFA (Minnesota Housing Finance Association) will be announcing a new rebate program for energy efficient home improvements such as windows, doors, insulation etc…  This program will

Protecting Your Home’s VALUE!

Investing in real estate in the 2000’s became so vogue that “everyone” thought they should figure out away to get in on the action.  Unsuspecting investors leveraged themselves into credit lines, loans and contract

Behind the scenes: making it look easy (when it’s sometimes not)

Yesterday I had a client ask me if we could use a cabinet-maker they recommend because (she wrote): “one of my co-workers has recommended a cabinet builder from his home town of Amery, WI who is seeking jobs.” We get questions like this periodically and each time we give it individual consideration….so this is not […]





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