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10 Step Attic Insulation and By-Pass Sealing Process

If you are concerned about keeping your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and spend less money in accomplishing both, it might be time to consider looking in your attic.  Many consumers and less-sophisticated contractors have made the mistake of thinking that just by adding

ICE DAMS – Causes and Cures

REMOVE ICE DAMS NOW!!! Ice dams can form on any type of building structure; from unheated sheds, to any style of home, to large “flat” roof commercial buildings.  The phenomenon occurs on a snowy or icy roof, when a higher area on the roof is

10 Tips to Winterize Your Home

1.  Change your furnace filter – If a furnace filter is doing its job, it collects all sorts of dust and particles.  Over time the filter becomes filled with these particulates which reduces its ability to clean the air and decreases the furnace performance.  Change it every 30 days to make sure your furnace will […]

Radiant Heating 102: Types of Installation

“Wet” floor installation Methods Cables or tubing are embedded within a solid floor, either in a thick concrete foundation slab (commonly used in “slab” ranch houses that don’t have basements) or a thin layer of concrete, gypsum, or other material installed on top of a subfloor. If concrete is used and the new floor is […]

Radiant Heating 101

Many of our clients are looking for inexpensive ways to add value to their remodel with an extra, finishing touch.  The focus of this 2 part entry is on radiant floor heating – an add-on that can make a great room even greater! Radiant Heating 101 In general terms, radiant heating systems (rhs’s) supply heat […]





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