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Basements: The Undiscovered Jewel

We homeowners are always interested in finding ways to increase the value of our homes – this is even more important in our current economy, where buyers are pickier and every nook and corner of space needs to be maximized for value and function.

A basement remodel can provide all of this and more. Finishing an unfinished basement will, in some cases, double the finished square footage of your home. A basement is the ideal place for cozy space for private or public activities. Think: separate bed and bath for an aging parent, teenager or a master suite. Think rec. room for family game or movie nights, sporting events. With imagination, creative thinking, careful assessment of your existing space, and a quality remodeler your basement can provide years of comfort and pleasure.

Basement remodels are also a great investment. Not only do they typically cost less per square foot than remodels on the upper floors of a house, but if and when you decide to sell, potential buyers are usually very happy to have a finished basement. The latest “Remodeling Cost VS. Value Report 2008-2009”, viewable at, reports that the average mid-range basement remodel in the Twin Cities area is $75,598 and will bring a 70.2% return on investment. Very few projects yield this type of return.


Maximize your budget by working with what you have.

The layout, design and finishing of your basement will be influenced by the age of your home, its existing construction, materials, and the condition and location of its mechanical and electrical systems. By taking time to carefully explore solutions and options, your reward will be a successful project. Some things to consider:

  • Determine whether there are any moisture issues – where moisture is coming from and how it can be dealt with
  • Determine the best layout to work with existing ductwork and structural beam(s) – which may dictate wall placements and ceiling heights
  • Work with existing windows (and adding egress where necessary), and add sufficient lighting to create a well lit, inviting space
  • Determine which spaces will be fully and partially finished
  • Design in plenty of circulation and storage
  • Design built-in cabinetry to work with your functional and aesthetic needs
  • Determine the type of flooring to be installed, whether it can be installed directly on top of a slab, or if it requires a sub-floor
  • Determine the method for heating and cooling the new spaces
  • Determine the best location for a new or remodeled bathroom and laundry room

At Murphy Bros., we believe that the best projects are the result of careful planning, quality materials and proper installation. With some creative thought and a great remodel-partner, your finishes basement is just steps away!

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