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What a New Year Brings…

It’s a snowy day out today.  My fireplace is toasty warm and the view out my window across the farmer’s fields in my back yard is really picturesque.  I need to remember to slow down once in a while and take a moment to enjoy these simple things.  I try to work from my home once in a while, as I feel like I get more work done than in the busy office.  It is a nice thing to change your environment once in a while.  It also reminds me how our homes are really our sanctuary from our busy lives…and this is why so many people remodel.  We all need to take care of ourselves…find a place that makes us happy.

The New Year brings with it a revived energy and excitement.   The stores are full of organizing bins and exercise equipment, as we yen to have everything in its place.  I feel this same excitement with every project.  It is great to see everything getting organized and being put in its place.  Yesterday, I visited one of my projects to answer some questions and measure closets for shelving…it is a whole home remodel in Shoreview.    The circular drive was filled with vehicles and the house was abuzz with activity.  It was so great to see the cabinetry going into the Laundry Room and the Great Room fireplace facade being tiled.  I hadn’t been to the house since before the holidays, and so there were several exciting things that have happened since then.  The Kitchen cabinets are partially installed as well as the cabinets in the Mud Room, Master Bath, Boy’s Bath and Girl’s Bath.  I marvel how the combined talents and efforts of so many people that make everything come together so nicely.  I am happy to be working with people who are there to do the job right….they care about making sure the stain on the mantle is shaded just right color to blend with the existing paneling and the miters and scribes are tight.

Thank you to all of the professionals on the team who make it look so easy:  Mark, Shawn, Rick, Dan, Rick D, Ginger, Aaron, Angela, Dave, Roger, Pat, Tim, Joe, Jonah, John R, Curt, Dave, Darryl, Bob, Sam, Tom, Randy, Luke, Joel, Jenny, Wayne and Wayne D., the Bruce J and Bruce B , Michelle, Ivan, Vlad, Augustine, Sherry, John and everyone else I missed mentioning.  For this particular home, we have over 50 different proffessionals contribute their talents at the house in the past few months…and even more that are behind the scenes fabricating countertops, flooring, trim and doors.

I also want to say “thank you” to all of the wonderful homeowners we have done projects for.

Also, a few photos of the job in progress.

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