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We just received information that the MHFA (Minnesota Housing Finance Association) will be announcing a new rebate program for energy efficient home improvements such as windows, doors, insulation etc…  This program will have qualification criteria that is similar to, but with modifications in comparison to the spring 2010 program regarding household income, types of improvements, approved contractors etc. The new program guidelines will be released as soon as the program is formally launched at the end of this month.  Last year we had nearly a dozen clients take advantage of special programs with rebates up to $7400.00 for windows and that project was also eligible for the $1500 federal tax credit which is scheduled to end on December 31, 2010.

No time to waste!  This program only lasted a couple of months last year before it used up all of the available funding.  It is also important to note that to qualify for the federal tax credit in addition to the rebate, all work must be completed in 2010.  This narrow window of opportunity means that you must get product orders in before the end of October in order to allow time for manufacturing and installation.  Please contact our office (763.780.3262 or email: as soon as possible if you think that you might be interested, or if you know someone else that might benefit by this program.  If you send us a request in an email with your contact information, we will send you more specific information as it becomes available.

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