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Change is Certain

The times we live in certainly bear the axiom that “the only thing that we can count on is change”.  So what do the current changes mean to those of us whom own homes and are trying to plan for our future? To some it has created an opportunity to upgrade to a larger and/or nicer home at a bigger discount then what it is costing them to sell their existing home.  Other folks, whom don’t need or want a bigger home, are trying to figure out how to make their current home a comfortable, functional and inviting place to live for the next 10, 20 or more years. The Murphy Team has had opportunity to help in three different ways.

First, we have completed several projects to help people sell their homes.  These are typically fix what’s broken and make it pretty projects. Damaged doors, rotted windows, patch holes in the wall, and possibly painting or new floor covering.  It is hard to sell a home when there is a laundry list of projects that a buyer feels that they need to fix right away.

Secondly, we are finding that people who decided purchased a home are eager to get started on fixing some of the challenges and personalizing the new property.

Lastly, we are helping people to make their current home a place that serves them and their families needs for years to come.  A family room or kitchen dining expansion can add the extra room for entertaining and sharing time together.  For others, their dream is a low maintenance exterior with extra curb appeal, and some energy saving ideas.

What ever your motivation is to improve your home, Murphy Bros. is here to help.  There’s no cost to call!

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