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Insurance Covered Losses: How to Proceed

From a property owner’s perspective, insurance claims can be a huge frustration or a relatively easy process.  It often depends on how you choose to get the repairs done.  Most policies provide coverage that will pay for a professional restoration company to come and evaluate and complete the needed repairs to restore the property to as good or better than before the event that caused the loss.  On the other hand, if you choose to do the repairs your self or to be the general contractor, insurance companies are not obligated to pay the same rates as when you hire a professional to do that job.  They are not obligated to pay for costs that you don’t have such as an estimator, project manager, liability insurance on the project and workers compensation insurance on the workers as well as the cost to warranty the project.

Insurance Companies are only obligated to cover your hard costs to do the repairs and if you choose to take on tasks like getting multiple bids, and screening and coordinating subcontractors, that is time that you are likely just volunteering to the cause. If you choose to do the actual work yourself, you will receive some compensation to cover wages but you will typically find that it was just the opportunity to have a temporary part time job.

On the other hand if you don’t want the hassle or have the time to deal with a loss situation, a professional construction company who is experienced in insurance restoration will have the tools and experience needed to smooth out the bumps.  The right company has staff and subcontractors who are experienced in this type of work and they will have the tools and knowledge to determine the proper scope of work.  Some companies will also provide assistance in design, product options and selections when that is appropriate for the loss.  Lastly a good company provides another level of protection as they will also warrant the work that they perform.

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