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Homeowners Spring Checklist

  1. Wash windows and window screens
  2. Test smoke and CO detectors and change batteries.
  3. Exterior House Check-up
    1. Inspect the roof for damage from winter cold and ice, missing or broken shingles, damaged or missing vents or flashing.
    2. Check siding and eaves for the condition of the paint, cracked or missing caulk, loose nails, water stains and areas that are cracked, soft or just don’t look right.
    3. Examine windows for condition of paint, missing or damaged weather seals, or “cloudy” glass.
    4. Power wash the exterior of your home (It will at least look fresh for a few months)
  4. Change furnace filter – consider a higher quality filter that filters out smaller particles as it will slow down the re-circulating of dust and pollens.
  5. Clean and test your air conditioner. You don’t want to wait till the first day that you need it.
  6. Clean out the gutters and check the downspouts for debris.
  7. Inspect the deck and railings for sturdiness and rot. Clean and re-stain/seal if needed
  8. Clean the grill (and fire it up!)
  9. Clean and organize the garage and sheds so you have access to your summer tools and toys.
  10. Outdoor furniture – Inspect, clean and repair.
  11. Rake the leaves and dead thatch from your lawn
  12. Inspect the grade around your home to make sure that it is sloped away to keep your basement dry. Winter thawing will often settle the soil around your foundation.
  13. Sprinkler – Check sprinkler system for broken or leaky valves and exposed lines.
  14. Hook-up Hose and check for leaks
  15. Plan your flower and vegetable gardens and for any yard or landscaping projects.

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