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Remodeling your home: “Big Box” store vs. established local remodeling company

Most people have many misconceptions about the differences of different types of companies to work with on your home.  There is even more confusion when you consider the many different specialties and business structures of remodeling companies.  There are some myths about using “Big Box” stores that people should consider before they commit.

1)       Big Box stores purchase in larger quantities and therefore are “cheaper” –  They might be, but usually it’s only when they are selling “cheap” as in low quality products.  Most full service remodelers can compete very favorably in price to a Big Box store when the same quality of materials and scope of work is proposed.

2)       Big Box Stores have experienced staff to design and produce the work –  The reality is, the best and brightest staff typically look for the opportunity for advancement in a local remodeling company.  A local company will usually proved a setting where they can have more control and accountability of their projects and have more freedom to deliver the best products and selections for their clients.  A Big Box on the other hand is limited to choose only products that are just based on what they have in their store.  They also tend to pay the low industry rates to installers which of course attracts the least skilled workers and those who are brand new to the industry.

Just like making any type of decision on hiring someone to do professional work.  Get a long list of references of whom you call and make sure you talk to.  For more insight into a Big Box remodeling experience go to the following link.

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  1. Posted April 18, 2010 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

    Support locally owned businesses and keep your money in your community!
    Good newspaper article. Thanks for sharing.

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