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Energy Efficiency and Lighting

With each remodeling project I do, whether small, medium or large, I evaluate each client’s goals and balance that with their budget to present options and make recommendations. Lighting design and selections are very important elements of that design process. As we all grow older, our eyesight diminishes and increased lighting is even more important. I evaluate both task and ambient lighting needs in terms of use of the space. I often times help with fixture selections, depending on the client’s needs / requests and ensure outlet placement is optimal for all electrical needs.

Almost everyone is interested in saving energy costs and evaluating options for doing that. The category of lighting is no exception. The new generation of LED lighting is something to explore. There is LED interior and exterior flood lamps as well as under cabinet fixtures available. There is also a retrofit “drop-in” replacement available for 65 watt incandescent/26 watt fluorescent can lights.

LED bulbs use about one-third of the energy of fluorescent and incandescent lights. Also, LED lights don’t generate much heat, so the cost of cooling the home in summer is reduced. An additional benefit is that the bulbs last a very long time, some as much as 50,000 hours. Nice to not have to change bulbs so often (especially for those located in higher places)! There is also no glass that can break or mercury or other hazardous materials in the bulbs, so they are very safe.

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