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Tax Savings

April is here!  Spring is here!  This is the season for flowers, birds returning, splashing in puddles (or stomping perhaps, like my 5-yr old boy!) and sunshine.  I say this on March 31st…and it snowed today!   April also brings with it the thought of tax returns for many.    There is good news with the tax credits, you may get more money back that you realize!  If you made investments in your home for qualified purchases for energy saving improvements to your home in 2008, check out this link  .  You may be eligible to take a credit of up to 30% (with some cap limitations) of your costs of qualified solar electric property or solar water heating property fuel cell property and geothermal heat pump property for your home.  If you didn’t make the investment in 2008, then perhaps it may be time to think about it for 2009.



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