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The Murphy Method vs. Murphy’s Law

John MurphyWe pride ourselves on a process we call “The Murphy Method.” In many ways, it’s the opposite of the better known Murphy’s Law. With the Murphy Method, everything that can go right will.

We didn’t develop the Murphy Method overnight. Over 30 years in the construction business, Murphy Bros. analyzed every stage of our remodeling projects – from design to final finishing – and developed procedures and standards to reliably deliver the best experience for our clients.


The Murphy Method is built on accountability. It starts with assigning one designer to your project who will guide you through selection of materials, surfaces and fixtures so everything comes together functionally and visually.  We learned that this approach is much better than having you work with separate cabinet and tile designers and decorators who might be more interested in making room in the budget for their own specialties.  Later, we use our own Murphy Bros. Paint and Fine Finishes division because finishes are where final quality really counts. I think Dan Flaherty and our Murphy Bros. painters take more care because they know their name is on the overall job, not just the painting and finishing.


The Murphy Method values your time and views as much as our own.  We will create three-dimension renderings of big projects and invite you to our Selection Center in Blaine to review drawings and choose materials from palettes that coordinate colors, textures and styles. Our interactive Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools enable us to tweak the design based on your comments as you watch so you can easily visualize your vision take shape.

With a finalized plan and selections completed, we will stage the project to complete the job without gaps or big surprises.  That’s a lot better for everyone than starting a project and learning the door you need in two weeks cannot be delivered for six.

Construction Oriented

At Murphy Bros. we are more construction oriented than sales oriented. Our crews and trade partners have years of field experience, not just book learning and theory. This produces practical solutions to remodeling problems, such as trimming a quarter inch off the edge of a great old door to reverse the swing without creating an ugly hinge mortise patch or requiring a new door. By working with the same seasoned construction pros project after project, I can trust everyone to arrive on time, do high quality work and efficiently overcome any project challenge they encounter.

Wholesale Pricing

Over the years, we have worked hard to establish accounts with wholesale suppliers. It requires us to maintain an intimate knowledge of their products so we don’t waste their time with questions that cause them direct less experienced contractors to retail outlets. But you benefit from excellent cabinets, countertops and flooring at the best value.

Here’s to everything going right with your next remodeling project. Contact us today for an in-home consultation.

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