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It’s only a roof….. how hard can it be?



“Fix-up” season is nearly upon us and many homeowners are planning projects to be completed over the warmer spring, summer and fall months in our region.  One of the most common and seemingly simple projects is to replace an old and failing roof.  While there are literally thousands of roofing contractors to choose from, there are very few who have the overall construction knowledge and design experience to explore the related opportunities to consider when replacing your roof.  Most companies that specialize in roofing can be very good at removing and installing shingles and focus their attention on creating a water tight lid.  While this is critical to a good job, it is only part of the big pictue.After

After – The roof replacement opened up many opportunities to upgrade the exterior of this home.

Beyond the obvious inspections that should be done to the roof sheathing, gutters, chimneys, wall runs, kick-out flashings, etc. there are the bigger picture opportunities, like lowering your fuel bills and putting an end to destructive ice dams associated with snow and cold weather.

Opportunities of the situation

When planning any roof or siding replacement (more…)